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Percentile Scores

The most important result employers will be looking at when you complete your numerical test is your percentile score. The concept of a percentile score is quite important to understand, because it is quite different from a percentage score.

Let’s say you score 18 out of 24 in a numerical reasoning test. Is that good? It sounds quite good; better than average you might speculate. But what if most other people who took the same test scored 22-24? Suddenly your 18 looks low. A percentile score encapsulates the scores of other people, so that your score is directly meaningful in the context of what everyone else scored.

Lets look at some examples, with interpretations to help illustrate the concept.
1st percentile  –  your score was in the bottom 1% of the scores achieved by everyone else
20th percentile  –  20% of people scored lower than your score and 80% scored higher than your score
50th percentile  –  your score was the mean score achieved by everyone who took the test – that is to say exactly half the scores were above yours and half were below yours.
90th percentile  –  your score was higher than 90% of the scores achieved by the people who took the test.

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