Should you get your clever friend to help with your online (unsupervised) test? Or rather, if you do, will anyone find out?!

This is one of the more common questions I get asked by candidates, because they want to know how easy it would be to cheat.

The short answer is: no; you should not get anyone else to help you with your online test and yes, they probably will find out.

The longer answer, and the reason why, is that modern numerical test technology detects subtle pattern behavior in the way you respond to each question. Some companies then ask candidate to take a follow-up test at their offices. If the ‘fingerprints’ of your test-taking style don’t match, they can ask some pertinent questions about why the results differ.

Another reason not to cheat is that the tests are there to assess whether you will be a good fit for the role. If don’t have the numerical ability to perform, you will spend the rest of your career being passed over for promotion, struggling, and more likely to leave. So whilst this doesn’t sound a valid reason whilst you’re unemployed, the truth is that you will being selected for a job to which you are not suited.





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